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20 Rustic/Old Illinois Embossed License Plates


Over the years Illinois has produced some of the most unique, colorful looking license plates. in addition to their older passenger plates Illinois also made different types of license plates such as dealer plates. Illinois is one of the states where our inventory really changes all the time. So with this set you are sure to get some variety! 


Q: That sample photo has some really rusty, beat up plates. Will the plates I receive be that bad?
A: Yes, they sure will! In fact, they might be even more rusty or beat up. Most are in craft or even road kill condition meaning they may have bends, scratches, fading, rust, you name it! Not ideal for a nice collection, but perfect for a weathered look or for art projects maps, decorating, bars, etc.

All plates are authentic license plates. We are collectors ourselves and collect everything from mint condition plates to incredibly beet up plates that are rusty, scratched, bent and faded. We want to make sure you are getting the condition that you are looking for, so please view the sample photo carefully.

Have a Request?
Let us know. We've helped to complete everything from that final plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rustic plates for a bar. Whether you are looking for bulk plates, year of manufacture pairs, or specialty plates, we'll do our best to help. Or, if you just want to know more about a plate, we are happy to share any knowledge that we might have.