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European license plates including Finland, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, France, Ukraine, and the UK.

Good Condition European License Plates

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Choose from many European Countries including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Netherlands and others. Prices vary by Country.

Please see sample photo for condition. These plates are authentic license plates in fair to good condition. Please do note that the registration stickers were removed prior to the plates leaving Europe to comply with local laws.

Plate Designs
Some countries have different designs and they continue to change, as does our inventory. Please contact us before purchasing if you are searching for a particular version. France for example has a few different versions.

Have a Request?
Let us know. We've helped to complete everything from that final plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rustic plates for a bar. Whether you are looking for bulk plates, year of manufacture pairs, or specialty plates, we'll do our best to help. Or, if you just want to know more about a plate, we are happy to share any knowledge that we might have.