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Alaska Souvenir Gold Creek Susitna Native Association License Plate

Alaska Souvenir Gold Creek Susitna Native Association License Plate

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The plate pictured is the plate you will receive. These is a bit of controversy on these plates with some claiming they were state issued and others believing they are souvenir/commemorative. Out take is that they are legitimately issued but were issued for souvenir purposes, so we are labeling it accordingly. Note a bit of sheeting bubbling on the very top of the plate. 

We are collectors ourselves and collect everything from mint condition plates to rusty, scratched, bent and faded plates. We want to make sure you are getting the condition that you are looking for, so please view the photo carefully. 

We strive for fast shipping. Unless traveling, we offer one day shipping and often ship same day using USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail.

License plates aren't the only things we want to keep out of landfills. We also use as much recycled or reused packaging as we can, from reused cardboard to corrugated sign material. We're also cheap, and free reused materiel is a great price! For Priority Mail we use USPS approved flat rate boxes.

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