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10 Pack of Rustic/Worn License Plates From at Least 5 States


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Please see the sample photo of some of the types of plates that are used in these sets. Actual set will include 10 plates from at least 5 different states. Plates are generally older, used, and include bends, scratches, dirt, etc. Most plates in this set are typically made of older steel plates with some rust or newer aluminum plates that have some wear or oxidation.

Q: That sample photo has some really rusty, beat up plates, will the plates I receive be that bad?
A: Yes, they sure will! In fact, they might be even more rusty or beat up! Not ideal for a nice collection, but perfect for a weathered look or for art projects like bars, maps, etc.
Q: Can I pick the states?
A: Not for this set as it is pre-packaged, but you are welcome to contact us and we're happy to try to put together a custom listing.

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Let us know. We've helped to complete everything from that final plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rustic plates for a bar. Whether you are looking for bulk plates, year of manufacture pairs, or specialty plates, we'll do our best to help. Or, if you just want to know more about a plate, we are happy to share any knowledge that we might have.