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Founded in 2015, but the story started 20 years before.

For our family, the best memories were summer road trips across the United States.

We would head east on the open road to visit relatives and see the country. Along the way we would stop at every auto wrecking yard to ask, “do you have a license plate?”

There’s so much excitement for a young collector getting a new license plate. Two decades later, that excitement hasn’t changed!

Passion for collecting License Plates

There are tens of thousands of collectors across the United States and around the world who share the same passion for collecting license plates. You can collect birth year runs, vanity plates, state runs, and even use license plates to decorate bars, restaurants and homes.

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License Plates for Crafting

We love what we do!

There are also the artists who love license plate for crafting. We’ve seen some amazing work, too! License plate maps, stars, bird houses, signs and more.

Each year we save thousands of common issue plates that would otherwise be scrapped, and instead turn them into sets or cut them up for letters and numbers so our customers can make license plate signs.

Whether you are looking for good condition plates to start a collection, or a big stack of worn plates for decorating or crafting, we’ve got it!

If you are looking for a specific plate or have a request, please let us know!

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