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License Plates for Sale

From vintage license plates for collections to a full 50 state set of United States license plates for decorating. We buy, sell and collect license plates and have helped complete everything from that final license plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rustic plates for a restaurant, garage or bar. We also have lots of license plates for craft projects including pre cut numbers and letters for signs.



Rustic Plates is your source for buying authentic license plates! We have vintage license plates, specialty license plates, bulk license plates, vanity license plates, you name it!

Projects, Gifts, Movies and more..

We are constantly impressed by the amazing projects our customers have created with license plates. From a completely covered ceiling in a garage decorated with license plates to a specialty or older license plate that has meaning to a friend or loved one. Our license plates have been used as propsin movies and television shows and used to decorate bars and restaurants around the world. We’re proud to be a part of such a fun and historic hobby. We’re also proud anytime we can help check off a good gift idea -especially for someone who is tough to shop for!

One of a Kind Crafts

For the license plate crafter, we have thousands of precut license plate letters and numbers to make license plate signs. Our customers have made signs for Holliday gifts such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Independence Day and even Halloween. Some of the most special events you can make signs for are graduations, anniversary’s, or just a fun sign with a name, phrase, or date that has meaning to the friend or loved one. Let’s be honest, we also get a lot of orders for people making a sign for a good practical joke. All of the letters and numbers we cut are from aluminum license plates so that you can easily mount them on a board or other surface. We recommend using screws, but many have used glue or brad nails. If you are an interior decorator, professional crafter, or just someone with a desire to do something crazy like side a shed with license plates (it’s been done and it’s awesome!), we have bulk lots of license plates for sale. Or, send us an email if you have a specific idea or project in mind.

From Around the World

We carry all 50 United States License plates as well as several US Territories,Canadian Provinces, European Countries and many more. We have full 50 state license plate sets available or smaller license plate sets available like our starter pack or kids themed license plate pack. Or pick and choose the exact states you want using our Pick-A-State option. Feeling nostalgic? Checkout our Route 66 set or look through our individual plates. You’ll find all sortsof different types of plates such as passenger, commercial, motorcycle, veteran, wildlife, education, dealer, farm, pets, tractor, and many more. We’re constantly listing more plates so check back often to see what’s new!

We also purchase license plates

Our specialty is bulk craft condition license plates but we’re over the moon when we have the chance to pick up a collection of older plates. So, if you have a source for more modern plates or a collection of older historic plates, please send us an email and if you can a photo of the plates. Even if you think the license plates you have are rusty junk, get in touch. After all, we’re named Rustic Plates for a reason!

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“My husband is impossible to shop for. Seriously, impossible! I stumbled upon Rustic Plates and bought a starter pack of license plates as a gift. It was a hit!

-Jennifer from Michigan

“Could not have asked for better customer service and product. The license plate was exactly what I was hoping for. Will definitely buy from Rustic Plates again!”

-Christina from Illinois

“My daughter and me purchased some pre-cut license plate letters to make a sign for Mother’s Day. We had a great time building the sign together and it was a wonderful gift!

-Derek and Hannah from California