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12 Pack of License Plates From 12 Different States. Great Set of Used License Plates.

12 Pack of License Plates From 12 Different States in Craft Condition

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A great starter set of license plates especially for any craft project. It's similar to our 10 pack except you get two more license plates from two more states! These license plates are in craft condition meaning they have dents, ding, scuffs, wear, etc. Please see the sample photo for some of the types of plates that are used in these sets. Actual states and versions may vary for this set. 


Q: That sample photo has some really beat up license plates, will the plates I receive be that bad?
A: Yes, they sure will! In fact, they might be worse. Most are in craft condition meaning they may have bends, scratches, fading, rust, maybe even run over by a truck. Not a good set for collecting but it's perfect for art projects like bird houses, maps, etc.
Q: Can I pick what States I would like?
A: Not for this set, but check out our pick a state listing where you can pick and choose the states you want. 

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