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Flat & Embossed License Plate Letters and Numbers for crafts and arts. Used to make license plate signs.

Flat & Embossed License Plate Letters and Numbers

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All pieces are from authentic license plates and include a combination of different states and colors. License plates have changed over the years with many states switching from embossed letters and numbers to a completely flat license plate. We still love embossed license plates but the up side too many of the flat license plates is that they have some really bright and colorful plates. However, if you still prefer embossed license plates for your letters and numbers, please view our embossed only license plate letters and numbers listing. Don't forget to select "end pieces" at the bottom of the drop down menu if you want that rounded/finished license plate look. We also have spacers or dashes if you need them especially for anniversary, birthdate, or graduation signs. We hope you enjoy making your license plate sign!