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An Inspiring Story: Signs for Joey

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Around May of this year we received a message from Joe Winkler. He wanted to know who had purchased plates for him? Plates are often given as gifts and typically they include a gift message or some indication of who it's from. But whoever had bought these plates for Joe did not leave a note. It was just a kind, anonymous gift. 

It turns out it was a kind, anonymous gift for a kind person with an inspiring story to share. Joe lost his son Joey on 2-25-2017 to suicide. Since then, Joe began making license plate signs for suicide loss survivors. He has now made over 150 signs!

We encourage you to check out Joe's work and his story. His Instagram Account is signs_for_joey where he posts the signs he makes for the people who have passed from suicide. You can also contact Joe by email at jjw74@att.net, or by phone or text message 330-328-0848. 

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