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New Mexico Chile Plates in Stock

Rustic Plates

Posted on December 07 2020

New Mexico Chile Plates in Stock

New Mexico's Chile plate is more than just a cool license plate, it was 2019's best plate of the year as voted on by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. At long last, we have a big stack of them in stock. You'll find this plate as well as other single and specialty license plates for sale in the specialty & vintage section. 

What makes this such a cool license plate? It's not just Chile or the great slogan, it's the color scheme. The main purpose of a license plate is to be readable on the road by other drives. Yellow on black stands out extremely well as does the graphic and the yellow boarder on the plate. It's hard to miss seeing one of these when you are on the road. It's also hard to miss them in a collection of plates. 


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