How to Cut License Plates for Letters and Numbers

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“How do you cut your license plates to get the letters and numbers so straight?"

A big thanks to Sarah for asking this question and for the compliment! We use an industrial grade metal sheer. It cuts the plate extremely straight and with smooth edges. That's really important for safety and also to make sure we're getting the best cut for our customers license plate crafts. Occasionally we do chop a plate that might have some damage on one letter but with no damage on the others. We sort those out so there are two conditions: good condition and worn condition. Unlike our full license plates with crafts most of our customers prefer good condition letters. But many still like the worn look especially for unique license plate crafts. We made a short video showing the process in action. 

"Do you cut up older vintage license plates?"

We got this question in from Jeff. The short answer is we don't. There are a number of reasons but the two biggest ones are that older vintage plates are a lot more rare and are great to display on their own. The other reason is that most older plates are made from steel and they don't cut well or install well. Modern license plates are made of aluminum and are easy to cut and easy to install.

"How do you install the letters?"

That's a question we get a lot. Most people prefer to use screws, however some use brad nails, regular nails, and some have even used glue. Your preference might depend on the type of wood you are using. Thanks for your question Mason! 

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