Where Do We Get Plates?

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We get plates from all 50 states and many different countries. We're on the lookout for junkyards, repossession companies, dealerships, auctions, and scrapyards and recyclers. Mostly, we buy them directly from folks who have connections to these areas and pay to have them shipped. Or, occasionally we buy larger private collections which typically have lots of older vintage license plates. We're always buying, so if you have a collection or a connection to a place that has a lot of license plates, let us know!

We only sell authentic plates so we don't buy any reproduction license plates. We also don't sell any current plates, they must be expired. 



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Project Ideas


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License Plate Maps!

Here at Rustic Plates we have the honor of working with amazingly talented artists who use our license plates to make incredible works of art.
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Welcome PlateDealer.com Customers

After many years of outstanding service, the owners of Plate Dealer are retiring.
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