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License Plate Maps!

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Here at Rustic Plates we have the honor of working with amazingly talented artists who use our license plates to make incredible works of art. We are delighted to partner with one of those artists for these amazing maps! You can read all about the dimensions and specifications of each map in the listing descriptions, but suffice to say, they are one of a kind.  You can check it out in the "License Crafts" section or the link below: 

If you are the adventurous type who would like to make your own map, you can check out our 50 state set of license plates that also includes Washington DC:

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Project Ideas


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New Item: 50 Roadkill Condition License Plates from at least 30 Different States

When we first started getting requests for the "worst condition plates possible" we put a roadkill condition 10 pack together.
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Vintage Sets

We had to Google the word "vintage" to see how old something has to be to actually be vintage.
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